Monday, December 29, 2008

New character closeups....

I did this illustration of Adelia and a panda walking by a snowy winter scene. These were the characters in the background. They're based on little toy designs I had thumbnailed.


I did add small stubby arms on a couple of the characters (the panda, and the pigs) to make the scene work better. I liked the idea of the pigs skating and the little boy pig scared and trying to stay upright.


I was trying to develop the illustration so that way each of the different elements/characters could all be a self contained drawing. I think they work quite well individually, but when I look at the entire picture, it seems a little empty...


But that's why I seperated them, so individually they can be enjoyed as (hopefully) solid drawings.



Awesome animal design- way fun and the eyes give-em a very appealing vibe.

Raluca C said...

very,very sweet this characters you created

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