Thursday, March 24, 2016

And Poof...he's gone!

I did this illustration about 3 or 4 years ago...obviously as a riff on the Obama Hope poster...

Fairly Odd Parents was entering their 8th or 9th season - whichever one was the one that introduced the dog and we held a t-shirt design contest.  This was my design:

Sadly, if I would have thought of it when they introduced Poof, maybe it would have worked - but they went with a design that included the new dog.

Since then we've gone on to the 10th season of Fairly Odd Parents, and Poof is mysteriously absent from the now the design means even less.  I always enjoyed the character, especially when he matched wits against his nemesis, Foop.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

What if the Doctor was a girl?

Before Peter Capaldi came aboard and showed us what a sour old man the Doctor could be, there were rumors about all sorts of directions and shapes the show could move toward.  Some said the Doctor could be American (which has already been done, and it was terrible).  Some said the Doctor could be a man of color - which could be interesting.  And a big rumor was that the Doctor could be a girl.  That didn't end up happening, but the Master came back as a woman.  And she's quite good!

So that got me thinking - what if the doctor was a girl.  And not what if the next one was who's it or what's her nose, but what if the fellas that already played the Doctor were ladies.

And that's where this series of drawings is from - I'm starting with Tom Baker, the 4th doctor and arguably the most popular one until the series revamped a few years ago...

I started this drawing Christmas of 2014, and am just finishing it - so we'll see how quickly this series goes...

Here's a closeup of the Dalek!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Adventure Time Fan Art

I was working on an Adventure Time illustration (fan art) and did a really cute version of Fin...but every time I drew Jake, it felt like I just drew the character that the show already I kept drawing him until I came up with a few versions that I really liked:

So one of these will be plopped into my Adventure Time illustration and I can finally finish it up.  Because it's been sitting unfinished for almost 3 weeks now.  And it needs to be finished so I can move on to something else.

My favorite is the bottom one on the left...but the one that fits the illustration the best is the one on the bottom right.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

My Alien of a toy

I designed this to be an alien creature who just ate a cute animal.  I wanted to make a whole series of them when I suddenly found that a movie called Aliens vs Monsters was coming out and they had a blob creature in it...and even in the promo that blob had something floating inside itself - it was a chair or something, but it was enough to make me change my entire concept.

As it is - I designed two different aliens - this is the first of them:

I didn't know how the toy would actually work.  I thought maybe there could be a seam under the lip of the eye, where you could lift it up and actually pull out the little dog who was lying on a shelf inside the blob.  Or it could just be a see through blob and you could never really get at the cute dead animal inside (or sleeping animal, if dead animals offend you).
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