Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy Pantry: Cupcake Merchandise

A very nice customer posted this picture of her purchase on Facebook

Turns out we made a lot of things this past year with our Ms Cupcake character.  We started with the bottle cap necklaces, expanded into kitchen towels and aprons and just in December we got our order of Cupcake Plushes in...

And just a month later we're already running out of plushes!  We're in talks to reorder them. 

We're selling our merchandise at - check it out!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Happy Pantry: Novel Tea

Oh wordplay.  Novel Tea.  Enjoy.

Hot tea is one of the best things you can imbibe.  We prefer black tea.  We're so very snobby about our tea, but, and I'm speaking for myself, I can only drink it with milk/cream and sugar.  If you're giving it to me straight, I'd prefer not to.

Without milk and sugar, tea is just dirty water.  It tastes like leaves.  You might as well be drinking out of the toilet.  Only tea without milk and sugar is not as tasty…and slightly less sanitary.

Okay - none of that is scientifically proven.  I think most people can, empirically, believe that tea all by itself will taste better than most things coming out of the toilet.

But I just wanted to state the case for black tea with milk and sugar.  Because it's the best.

Most green teas are too earthy and don't always mix well with milk.  White teas don't taste like much…it's so weak and doesn't feel like it stands up for itself - and nobody likes a loser.  And don't get me started with herbal teas and weirdo not tea teas that they call tea.  Those are terrible and taste like medicine and people only drink that because they don't love their tongues or themselves.

Black tea.  Drink it.

Oh yeah - and read something fun with your tea.  That way you'll enjoy drinking and reading that much more.  What a novel idea.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Happy Pantry: cupcake merchandise!

How exciting is it to make products that people are happy to receive?  This is even better than sending Unibomber packages…I don't think anyone was happy about that.  But getting Happy Pantry stuff for your birthday?  It's just the best….if I do say so myself.

Someone sent us this picture of their Ms. Cupcake Happy Pantry merchandise.  Glad they liked it!

You can get yours at and like us at

We were at LA Cookie Con this last sunday (a special blog devoted to that will follow shortly) - and everyone called our Plush a stuffed animal.  I've done that in the past too, but I've conditioned myself to saying, "Plush"…because that's the term, right?  Others have said Plushie - but those are probably also the same people who say totes adorbs.  And those people aren't right in the head.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Happy Pantry: Aprons

Last year we partnered up with a friend from our softball team to make these Happy Pantry aprons:

And another friend, who luckily for us, has an embroidery machine - so we were able to create the entire thing here in California!

You can buy one at - they're only $29.99!

Happy Pantry: Aprons

Last year we partnered up with a friend from our softball team to make these Happy Pantry aprons:

And another friend, who luckily for us, has an embroidery machine - so we were able to create the entire thing here in California!

You can buy one at - they're only $29.99!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Happy Pantry: fun with corn kernels...

Happy Pantry: Teenage Caffeinated Ninja Coffee

 We've been watching a lot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lately.  Not the movie…and not the old cartoon - but the Nickelodeon one that's been running for the last 3 years or so.  It helps that we work at Nickelodeon and that my wife is actually on that show.  But it's a pretty engaging show!  They've done a different take on the characters and have slowly introduced new characters as well as brining in old ones.  I'm still waiting to for Bebop and Rock Steady…which have yet to show up…

 Leonardo was always my favorite - it could have been because he was the leader or maybe, because he had the deadliest weapons (the swords)…or it might just have been that his mask was blue…

The Teenage Vegetable Ninja Peas also had to get in on the action - so I did a quick drawing with them as well.  Leonardo is still the best one there...

Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy Pantry: Plush Cupcake

We're terribly excited that we were able to make a plush from one of our characters - and our favorite little gal at that!  Ms Cupcake never looked so edible!  Well, she did, but now you can actually hold her in your hands and not take a bite out of her.  Because she's made of plush materials.  Terribly soft, terribly cute and all 0 calories.  Because you can't eat her. - only $10 on our website - but quantities are limited, so hurry hurry!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Happy Pantry - LA Cookie Con

 LA Cookie Con and Sweets show is on January 25th at the Pasadena Convention Center, and Happy Pantry is thrilled to be a vendor!  There will be chefs, bakers, celebrities and special VIP's wandering the convention hall...but the most important thing is there will be samples...lots and lots of amazing candies and desserts and things to stuff in one's face.  It's a taste bud's dream, and a belt's nightmare.  It should be awesome!!!

Who doesn't have a fascination of desserts and sweets?  Especially the good ol' fashion milk and cookies...or, as some would say, cookies and milk.  It's tasty way to spend the afternoon, or to cap the night before bedtime.

They've already sold out of VIP tickets and regular tickets are going fast - they might even be sold out right now!  If you're not there, you're missing out!  You can still purchase any Happy Pantry merchandise on our website - - but you'll have to pay dumb ol' shipping...

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy Pantry: Apples with guests…in them!

 the only thing worse than finding a worm in your apple, is finding half a worm…!

I did the top apple about a year ago - it fits in our cute kawaii brand, Happy Pantry.  Well, they both fit in the brand - but we're more about cute characters with simple lines and design.  You can check out more at or like us on

Every once in a while I want to get a little more painterly, so I took the apple and redid it with a little more shadowing and texture.  It still needs to maintain it's cuteness….and the second apple doesn't have any hidden surprises.

Have you ever found a special surprise in your fruit (or vegetables)?  It's gross when you come upon something like that, but nauseating when you uncover it with a bite…I've never bitten into a bug - I've always found them when slicing fruit open…but I'm waiting for my time….because it happens when you least expect it.

There was one time, in Paris, where we had these fresh amazing salads.  I scarfed mine down, but then we watched as these little tiny green bugs started crawling out of Tracey's salad onto the plate and make their escape.  The salads were a little too fresh…and maybe a little unwashed.  That put her off her meal - but I liked the salad so much I ended up eating hers as well…even with the threat of tiny green bugs.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Here's Johnny...5!

Here's Johnny 5!

I thought, "Here's Johnny" and thought of the iconic scene from the Shining (that not so good movie from the 70s starring Jack Nickolson, directed by the sorta hack Stanley Kubrick)…and then I thought Johnny 5 - so I had to put them together.

So this is what I wasted this last weekend on.  Enjoy.  Or don't look at it.  Or whatever.  It's here.  It made me laugh.

Jack's character wasn't even named Johnny - so it was a reference to the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson - it was how he was introduced…but now it's been so long since that was a thing.  There haven't even been any sidekicks going, "HEY-OH!" - would anyone under 30 even know about Ed Mcmahon?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy Pantry is going to LA Cookie Con

We're terribly excited to be going to LA Cookie Con on January 25th!  It's right around the corner and there are a ton of stars and bakers and chefs and exciting people - all who either make amazing desserts or, at least, love them.

Check out - - it's worth going to and it's only in Pasadena - it's terribly close!

We are debuting our cupcake plushes (I wish we had cookie ones for this show) as well as bringing all our other merchandise.  You can check out our products at - we're priced to sell!

This is not a plush - but our buttons will be adorned with this illustration!
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