Monday, January 29, 2007

Adelia: balloon with a racket

That's right. I painted this today. That's all I did. I painted a balloon attached to a tennis racket. And yes, I did think it was a good idea. So now what?

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Adelia: playing tennis - finished version

This is the final version of Adelia playing tennis - done on Watercolor paper (as usual) with Dr. Martin watercolor inks (as usual).
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Adelia plays tennis

Adelia: The Balloon playing tennis - color comp

I thought it'd be fun to show Adelia's balloon playing tennis with her. This is the color comp, done in the same way I did Adelia (with color pencils on tracing paper)
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Adelia: balloon plays tennis - color comp

Adelia: tennis rough...

This is another painting in my Adelia series - I want to do a couple of paintings based on the idea of how she perceives herself, and how she actually plays. This one is her tennis pro imagination at work. This color comp was done on tracing paper (over a sketch I did in my book. This time around, instead of cleaning it up in illustrator, I just adjusted the head of Adelia in Photoshop and printed it out at the appropriate size I wanted to work with).
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Adelia: tennis - color comp
This is my original drawing - note that the head is much smaller than in the final version
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Adelia: tennis - original sketch

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Adelia Jumps for the Balloon: Finished Painting

I finished this on the newest watercolor tablet I purchased. It's 'Arches' cold pressed (which means that the paper is pressed, which is how I did the virgin penguin piece, is very smooth) and everything seems to turn out amazing on it. I changed the composition slightly from my tone comp to this one by lowering the frame so the balloon looked like it was flying out. And having reference to where the shadows and highlights were, it was quite easy to paint.
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Adelia Jumps for the Balloon

Adelia Jumps for the Balloon

This is the tone study I did for my next painting. I decided that I'd better start figuring out where I want my light source before I put brush to canvas. I did this on tracing paper over a cleaned up (in Illustrator) version...I also used this opportunity to readjust the placement and to put Adelia more on model.
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Adelia Jumps for the Balloon

Friday, January 26, 2007

Final Version: Adelia waking up

I really like this character - I finished the painting yesterday and can't wait to start on another one.
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Adelia and the Balloon wake up

Adelia: in bed - the color comp

I'm currently developing a series of paintings, hopeful to turn them into a book. They follow the adventures of little Adelia and her balloon. It's really due to the suggestion of Tracey that this is taking place (so thank/blame her). I had originally done Adelia as a big, fat penguin and my original intention was to place her in compromising positions meant for smaller bird (that could fly). My two original paintings with her had her standing on a tree branch and falling off.
The only thing is - the more I drew her, the more she changed from a turd of a penguin to a cute child like penguin. Meantime I did a second painting with my chinstrap character, only this time I imagined him as a fatty (I felt it added a lot to the painting to have this cute fat chinstrap penguin holding a balloon)...Tracey suggested I merge the two story ideas together and this is the first of many more to come.
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color comp of Adelia with Balloon

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Buy Valentines Day Cards!

Hey there
You lucky few who read this blog you! I've set up a way that you can purchase your very own Mothers Day Cards and/or Valentines Day Cards! You too can be a part of the magic on this's a view of both:
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Thursday, January 18, 2007

New Store! - that's where you can find all the exiting new stuff that's come out of the Boring Penguin. There you'll find a bunch of my t-shirt form!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Penguin with Balloon

I want to do this in a series of paintings...this is the first of (hopefully) many. I'm trying to follow through with (what I think are) interesting compositions....we'll see how far I'm able to do that. I really like how this one turned out though...and wish I had this painting when I did my christmas cards this year....
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Penguin with Balloon

My brand new website

I've decided to build myself a real website and do away with all this blogging nonsense. I mean, I'll probably still blog a bit - but I won't be spending as much time here as I do on my website...

Check it out at
Some time soon I'll even have merch up so you can buy to your hearts content. Some time soon, indeed!
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