Friday, April 27, 2007

Adelia: gazing

Adelia on a cliff...I tried to come up with better titles for this one - but they just struck me as incredibly lame (Adelia: Contemplative) Adelia: Gazing it is.... This pic has nothing to do with my current story - but I did a thumbnail of it and wanted to see it to completion...It's a little different than the other pieces I've done in that it has a light source coming from the back of the drawing (the giant purple moon thing) I've really tried to work with lighting to make it work - I have another similar drawing that I'm going to paint in a few minutes that takes it back to the lightsource behind the camera and up to the left (as I usually do)...

Illustrations: specs for a job

I've had to put the Adelia Project on hold as I do some other freelance work. These are just a couple of drawings I did - completely developed on Adobe Photoshop and then placed into Adobe Illustrator and redrawn and colored (seeing as how they color is so flat, I couldn't really call it painting). But it was fun doing something more realistic as I've been doing cartoony work for so long...

Adelia: The fight with the balloon

This is the second drawing I did after I saw the movie 300 - In the movie the little Spartan boy is sent out into the wild to fend for himself...and there's this scene where he squares off against a large mountain lion (some sort of cat creature with big teeth)...So...when I got home I drew this...and it's taken me this long to get around to painting it - I've been incredibly busy these last three weeks doing freelance work for the Simpsons.

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