Tuesday, February 24, 2009

IF: instinct...in music.

When I was young my art of choice was music. I used to play the piano. I'd practice all the time - except when it was time to play, or watch tv, or do anything else. Basically I should have been practicing, but spent my time elsewhere - until it was that horrible time of the week when I had to meet with a piano teacher. Then I was furiously plinking those ivory keys.

At the beginning of college I was even contemplating going into some sort of musical field involving the piano - less so because I loved it than that it seemed dressing up in a shirt and tie and sitting in a cubical. One thing I lacked was the musical instinct. I could hit the right cords and such - and read the music sheet - but I couldn't just sit down and play. I couldn't improvise...I could only play what I saw in front of me.

At one point I was sitting there on my little upright steinway with a jazz piano book and I just couldn't do it. So I gave it up and started drawing. And realized my improvising instincts lay in this field. I could actually sit down with a sheet of paper (or a blank computer screen) and just create something.

Right now I'm obsessed with drawing things for
and other various stock illustration websites. So far so good! If you have illustrations (that you own the rights to...that part is important) you should start putting them up. Obviously not your personal children's book life and soul work - but if you're like me, you've got a computer chalk full of drawings (or a sketchbook or whatever) and it's nicer if they're making money than just sitting there collecting dust.
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Monday, February 23, 2009

IF: Instinct

I've been sidetracked by this whole shutterstock and microstock and world of stock illustration/photography that I've just recently joined. I've been spending all my time creating images for them.
Click here if you wanna join shutterstock yourself!

Anyway - it's a weird line to be walking - do you draw things that, in your opinion, are going to be popular? Or do you draw what you like and hope people will also like them. It comes down to instinct. I've now put up about 130 images on Shutterstock - that's 130 different illustrations - about 80 of them were created in the last 3 weeks (I said I was obsessed). But what is purchased from my uploads is always a surprise. I did about 10 different drawings for valentines day and the one I spent the least amount of time on and just threw up on the site because I finished it turned out to be my most downloaded image so far...by a longshot. I guess it was my instinct to do the image in the first place - and I trusted my art background and composition instincts to lead me towards a successful piece...but it's unpredictable.

Last week my instinct led me to do this image:
I thought, "people like cars...this is a popular car...or at least a recognizable one" and figured it would sell. I had previously drawn an ambulance, a fire truck, and a police car (all which are doing well), but what about some real cars!?!? Turns out I should have read the fine print. This image was turned down at 5 of the 6 places I put up stock illustrations. It's a copyright issue. The image looks too much like a hummer (because it is a hummer). Sadly, there went 2 solid hours of work.

This morning I did this image -
It's more of a clipart and possibly boring illustration. But will it sell? I'm still waiting for approval (it will be approved as long as I don't use the word post-it note, which is a copyright infringement) but it's probably going to be a more popular image...or will it? Time will tell...my instincts lead me all over the place...some have been very successful, and others had answered with a hollow silence...in the meantime, it's been a lot of fun.

I've been doing more drawing now than ever before - and even the 'boring' illustrations of post-it notes have been a lot of fun to create. Anyhow - if you want to join in at all -
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and vector images are the most popular type of illustration...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

IF: Celebrate....flowers

I did this for shutterstock again. When I first found out about the blend tool I used it towards what I thought the stock world would want. I wanted to use the tool towards a different subject and see how far I could take it.


What's nice is that even though I'm doing art for myself, it's also selling on stock sites. One of the best that I'm currently on is the aforementioned shutterstock.

I suggest anyone reading this - especially if they do vector art should sign up and start making money on their art right away. And multiple times!

Go here - http://submit.shutterstock.com/?ref=325258 - if you take my referal, then you make money and I make 3 cents off of you! And I like my pennies!

Friday, February 13, 2009

IF: Celebrate

I had a 4 year old nephew (don't worry, he's not gone, he's just no longer 4) and as you know, kids that age get sick of things very quickly...we'd start a board game or a puzzle or a litebrite and he'd want to move onto something else. So I started taking all the little pieces from whatever we were playing and throw them in the air and yell, "Celebration" and then we'd just do that for the next few minutes. And it was a nice little mess for his mother to clean up. Lots of fun.

Another type of celebration was this whole Obama election thing. I have more of a wait and see attitude with it all instead of the whole crying, hopeful, glued to the tv set thing. To commemorate the celebration of change and hope and everything that our new president stands for I drew this:

Now sure it isn't your red white and blue "hope" Obama drawing, but that fella struck gold with that illustration.

Anyway - I'm edging up towards a hundred images on Shuterstock - this is one of my latest vector based illustrations. If you haven't read my previous posts (and if you care) shutterstock is one of the more popular stock photography and illustration sites on the web. I started posting vector illustrations on there about a week ago because I had all this art sitting on my computer that was going to waste. Now it's sitting online making money.

You make a quarter for every download (which sounds like nothing), but those can add up very quickly...you might wonder why I'm telling you this - well. I'll tell you. If you want to join up with Shutterstock then click on this link - http://submit.shutterstock.com/?ref=325258 - you'll get your quarters and I'll get a 3 cent commission for recommending you! It's a win win for us all. And they don't have to be vector based illustrations, you can put up jpgs too, but vectors seem to sell better...unless your jpg is totally awesome.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Illustration Friday: Time - for relaxation...

or is it sexy time?

I know - this is yet another bikini clad lady.  Why?!?  Why do I keep drawing these?  Well - If you read my previous post I'm pandering.  I want to upload these illustrations to clip art/stock illustration sites and make some money.

I think I have enough bikini girls - I'm going to work on some other subject matters - I see that outlines of people are quite popular...so I'm going to concentrate on doing pages of that to upload.   I won't bore you with posting them here...

These ones (the bikinis) I had to post because I just learned how to use the blend tool in Illustrator...usually to get a nice blend like in these drawings you'd have to take it to photoshop - but now you can do the entire thing in Illustrator!  What's nice too is that I did this image at a tabloid size and it was still under 3 mbs!  If you did an image like that in photoshop it'd be well over 80 mbs!  So Illustrator rules.  And this entire image is vector based!  So it can be enlarged to poster or even billboard sizes and still have crisp clean lines!  Horray!

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but only if you want to...

Sunday, February 08, 2009

IF:Time...possibly wasted?

Am i wasting my time, or am I using it wisely? Time will tell...This is yet another image for Shutterstock - a site for clip-art, vector images, and photographs.

I just learned out about the blend tool in Illustrator. If you don't use Illustrator then you don't know how hard it is using the gradient tool. It's so incredibly unfriendly. But then my wife (who is also hard at work to create images...we gotsta make our riches one quarter at a time) told me about a new technique she just learned. Basically you take a lighter color on top of a darker color and you can use the blend tool to mesh them together...and it makes a nice perfect gradient. IN ILLUSTRATOR! I was wasting so much time doing it the other way...and I could never have ended up with an image that looked this photorealistic (obviously you can tell it's still an illustration, which is the point, but it looks a hell of a lot realer than the last two images I did.)

my drawings aren't usually this sexy...
Now obviously this isn't my normal illustration style or way ...but I'm experimenting with different techniques and styles to see what kind of vector images will sell. So far we've covered candy, art deco backgrounds, cute vector animals, a bed, palm trees, a kiddy pool, - quite a variety of images. We figure the more we have up, and the better the images, the more downloads we'll have.

Anyway - if you have images, especially vector images, you can upload them to shutterstock and start making money off of them!

And because I told you - use this link - http://submit.shutterstock.com/?ref=325258 - so that way you get your quarter (per download) but I get 3 cents!

Now - it sounds stupid - because what're ya gonna do with a quarter? The guy that recommended me to the site (I actually found the info on his website through illustration friday) has a couple of pieces that pull in the thousands of downloads. And he consistantly makes a few thousand each month. And that's for images that would otherwise just be sitting on your computer doing nothing. I'm making my quarters...you should too...unless you don't have vector images...then nevermind.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

IF: Time...all the time in the world....

So currently I'm working on these: for shutterstock.com. If I had all the time in the world I'd do so many and earn so many quarters!

But really - how do you, as an artist, make money on art that's just sitting there. Say you had a freelance project...or were even just working on your own stuff - how do you make money when it's all said and done? One way I've just discovered is to put your work up on photography sites under the illustration section. It's making a passive art portfolio - you have art that's just sitting on your computer (vector images work the best), and it's just collecting dust...if they're good images or logos or icons, you can start making money with them...all you have to do is upload them to Shutterstock.com - I'm working on getting approved to be on other similar sites, but this is the first one. You get 25 cents a download - which may seem like nothing, but it's better than what the picture was doing for you earlier.

If you decide to try it - http://submit.shutterstock.com/?ref=325258

my referal number is 325258 (if you cared). Anyway - I would keep talking, but I'm going to go back to making money. One quarter at a time.

This was the first attempt

And this was a better second attempt.

Friday, February 06, 2009

IF: Time....BOMB!

So this is my second sketch for Illustration Friday...originally I had Adelia holding up a giant pocketwatch...but the more I looked at it and the more I thought about it, it seemed like it should be a bomb. Sounded more interesting.


Also there's a lot more action going on...rather than just reverence for time (which didn't make much sense)...

IF: Time

This is a sketch i did this morning for Illustration Friday's theme: Time. Here we see Adelia and her little friends holding up time


Hopefully I'll have a chance to clean it up and color it for real...but we'll see...
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