Friday, February 13, 2009

IF: Celebrate

I had a 4 year old nephew (don't worry, he's not gone, he's just no longer 4) and as you know, kids that age get sick of things very quickly...we'd start a board game or a puzzle or a litebrite and he'd want to move onto something else. So I started taking all the little pieces from whatever we were playing and throw them in the air and yell, "Celebration" and then we'd just do that for the next few minutes. And it was a nice little mess for his mother to clean up. Lots of fun.

Another type of celebration was this whole Obama election thing. I have more of a wait and see attitude with it all instead of the whole crying, hopeful, glued to the tv set thing. To commemorate the celebration of change and hope and everything that our new president stands for I drew this:

Now sure it isn't your red white and blue "hope" Obama drawing, but that fella struck gold with that illustration.

Anyway - I'm edging up towards a hundred images on Shuterstock - this is one of my latest vector based illustrations. If you haven't read my previous posts (and if you care) shutterstock is one of the more popular stock photography and illustration sites on the web. I started posting vector illustrations on there about a week ago because I had all this art sitting on my computer that was going to waste. Now it's sitting online making money.

You make a quarter for every download (which sounds like nothing), but those can add up very might wonder why I'm telling you this - well. I'll tell you. If you want to join up with Shutterstock then click on this link - - you'll get your quarters and I'll get a 3 cent commission for recommending you! It's a win win for us all. And they don't have to be vector based illustrations, you can put up jpgs too, but vectors seem to sell better...unless your jpg is totally awesome.

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