Sunday, April 24, 2011

if: Bicycle

I did this for a project that still has yet to be published (but should be soon...).

Friday, April 01, 2011

iF: Duet

This is a quick sketch of a little duet:

The panda is singing his little heart out...

Microstock Report for March 2011

This is our microstock report for March of 2011.

Shutterstock had the biggest upturn this past month.  For the last few months it seemed to be hanging around the $120 mark...and then suddenly the ODs (about $3 downloads) and even one EL (a $28 sale) rolled in.  So we ended up with $172 exactly for the month.  This site is also the only one where I have a referral also making money...referrals are nice because they get their money...and because you referred them, you get three cents for every one of their downloads.

Istockphoto continued it's run as the second biggest money maker - there were a few months where this site also topped the hundred dollar mark...but it's settled into the 70-80 dollar range...and that's where it's stayed.  On this site baseball caps and the chocolate covered strawberry are illustrations that sell well each month.

Dreamstime took a big drop off from the month previous.  But $30 is about the range that I expect from this site.  What's weird is that we had almost 13 more downloads this month, but each one sold for less...

And then there's Vectorstock.  It has the second most downloads per month next to Shutterstock (although we usually average around 300 downloads on Shutterstock - Vectorstock usually comes in second with around 50 downloads...but in March we had 80 downloads!).
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