Thursday, May 05, 2011

Girl on Bike revision

This is the rough revision of the girl on a bike drawing:

There were a few things I thought I could add to better round out the drawing.  I also wanted to use this as a test for the brand new red pencil refills I just got (I usually use blue, so it's nice to have the variety.

Also - I wanted to add some wonkiness to the tires (as they were just round circles in the original drawing)...and in Illustrator I can just copy and paste the front tire to the back, so I didn't bother drawing them both in.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Microstock Report for April 2011

I can't believe it's already may!  This marks the second month into our 3rd year of selling microstock.  I should check to see how much we've made collectively up until this point...but in any case - here's the information about April:

Everything took a downward tumble this last month - which is weird because April has usually been one of our better months...One part might be the fact that we haven't been adding new files/illustrations to our microstock we'll see if we can't change that in the coming months...

Shutterstock stayed on top...

123RF made a push into the top 4...which marks the first time it's been that high on the chart.  The listing of 'all other stock' includes freshstock, veer, and whatever stockxpert turned into.

Still, as I always say - it's nice that we haven't done any, or that much, work and we're still pulling in about 300 dollars a month!

This is the one file I added this month:
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