Sunday, September 02, 2012

Microstock report for August 2012

This is our microstock report for August 2012:

It was a much better month!  In July we saw a sag in all of the sites - none more disappointing than Istockphoto which was at an all time low of $5.38 - but this month many of the sites rallied back with high(er) numbers.

Shutterstock, as always, led the way with.  It helped to have 2 EL sales (that's a $32 download).  And it continues to sell the most on a daily basis.

One big surprise was Istockphoto - we used to have sales of almost $100 a month on this site - and it waned slowly lower and lower, until last month we only had $5 in sales.  Well this month it finally beat Dreamstime (which has been a consistent second place).

Overall it was a nice month - several sites reached their payout amounts and overall we reached $302!  Here's to hoping September continues to treat us kindly.

Star Trek Kids

We had some friends that had a Spocktoberfest party last night.  That's a Star Trek themed Octoberfest party, for those of you who didn't get the mashup.

So Tracey and I decided (mostly it was Tracey) to do cupcakes and cookies with a Star Trek theme.  We made the cupcakes and spray painted them silver (which felt more space agey) - I drew this little kid in a Trek shirt and did two variations which we cut out and (using toothpicks) placed on top of each cupcake:
There's the red shirt guy that will usually die before the episode ends, the middle one is Spock and the right side guy is based on Kirk (before the weight gain).

and here are the red shirts in cookie form:

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