Friday, March 30, 2007

Adelia - Finds the string

I might as well not have colored it - I just dropped in the base colors I use (the blue and the yellow) without tweaking it any...but I just wanted to put something up because I haven't done so recently...I've been working (just a bit, don't worry) and today I'm going to spring training (to watch the Oakland Athletics) so there won't be more posts for a while...and probably no new drawings until next week at least.
Anyway - this is a scene in the later part of the book...

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Adelia - No Room At the Inn

This has nothing to do with the book I'm working on - but I was doodling in my perspective drawing class at the Animation Union (a class I'm taking because I want to better my storyboard skills, not because I'm still in school)...and came out with this drawing...I didn't learn anything that day - but I did come away with a sketch I had to draw...

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Adelia Plays Ball

I was in Spring Training in Phoenix this last week. No, I didn't play - once again I had to turn them down...but I went to watch the Oakland Athletics play (watched 4 games...against the Royals, the Padres, the Mariners, and the Rangers)...anyway - I was doodling a bit during some down time and drew several pictures of Adelia playing baseball...
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These are just three of the drawings I did (there were a couple of her running down a ball, a couple of her batting and/or swinging)...I really liked the one where she looked apprehensive about catching the much so that I had to clean it up in illustrator and finish it up as a painting. I thought it would be appropriate as Baseball season starts (finally!) next week!
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And no need to say it's fitting that she's missing the ball because she plays on the A's...if that's all you get out of this picture then maybe you don't deserve to look at it (or maybe you're an Angels fan...and in that case you have worse problems than mocking my silly little pictures)...
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