Wednesday, July 24, 2013

quick drawing

I never draw I thought I'd post one quick sketch that I did at lunch on the back of a receipt.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Beware Cthulhu the Cutie

Beware of Cthulhu the Cutie!  He'll make your eyeballs coo as he's feasting on your innards.  Or whatever Cthulhu is supposed to do...I don't know.

My brother and I are thinking of a project to do with H P Lovecraft and somewhere in there I thought of doing Cthulhu as a little monster, more cute than dangerous - in looks anyway - I'm sure he could I said, I have no idea what he does.

I've heard of H P Lovecraft quite a lot - from people doing movies inspired by it or writing books that pay homage...but I've never read Lovecraft until yesterday.  I started with the Alchemist.

And I've heard of Cthulhu - I know he's a monster, and I think I've heard that he's over 50 stories tall...and he's quite cranky...but I don't know why or who or what he does.  There's a book called the Call of Cthulhu - so eventually I'll read that and maybe it'll all make sense.  Until then - beware of...something!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

June Microstock report

It's been a little while since I posted a microstock report.

Shutterstock continues to blow everyone else out of the water.  Deposit Photo seems to have sales every few days - but nothing is as consistent as Shutterstock.  We're still getting close to getting a payout with Shutterstock every month (or so) and haven't uploaded a new illustration since last year!

So it's nice that we continue to make money (even if it's small) without paying much attention.  There was a time I would check Shutterstock every couple of hours to see how much we sold, but these days I pop on every once in a while as it's no longer a focal point of our Illustration business.

The only downside to Shutterstock these days is that they've done a real disservice to people with referrals.  It used to be that if you referred someone to Shutterstock, you got 3 cents for every download they sold...but now they've put a cap on that.  So you get to enjoy it for a couple of years, but then Shutterstock goes back to making money off of them and you get nothing.  It wasn't the biggest deal for us, as our referrals equated to about $15-$20 a month, but still - every bit adds up.  Only now, thanks to their new rule, it doesn't.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Quick Sketch

We play softball on Monday nights against a variety of businesses.  Each one has a unique name that hints at what they do - ours is the Splats.

Last Monday we played against a team called, "the Force."  Turns out they were Market Force Talent - but for a little while we were hoping they were Star Wars related.  Guess the Star Wars people are too busy making money to bother playing softball...

Originally he was going to be raising an x-wing, but then I just made him floaty so I could stop drawing.

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