Thursday, September 22, 2016

I'm working on Spongebob...!

I've been working on Spongebob since not for that long.  I did a lot of freelance at first, and have transitioned into full time in March.

This is one of the first props I designed for the show.  It's fantastic to see something that I designed painted and composited into an episode of one of the most iconic and popular shows ever.

It starts as a simple drawing in a storyboard and then goes to a designer (in this case, me) and is designed and cleaned up in the style of the show.  Then it goes to paint (which used to be ink and paint, but they started making the designers clean up their own work a few years back on most shows), and all of it is sent overseas to be animated.

The second picture is because I was drawing Plankton, and thought how much he looked like Mike Wazowski from Monsters I drew them together...
And finally, just because I happened to have it - here's a storyboard vs fully designed prop.  Look for it in episode 958!  Whichever one that'll recognize it because of all the bulletin boards...

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Happy Pantry - bow ties and forks

I use this image on my business card.  When we were planning on what to include, I wanted to draw a Happy Pantry character that I felt best exemplified myself - pokey hair and glasses.  The fork was perfect!  Only - I would never be able to pull off the bow tie look.  So while it works for the fork, I'd look rather ridiculous.

I also kept trying to play with the pun - what a fork (instead of dork)...but it doesn't quite work, so we never posted it as a drawing by itself...until now!  But without any crap puns.  Better no pun than crappy pun.  Unless that particular crappy pun cracked me up...

Monday, September 12, 2016

Long Beach Comic Con is coming! Table R4

My friend Tim and I are going to be sharing a table for our second year in a row at the Long Beach Comic Con - September 17th and 18th.  It's in Long Beach.  The name kind of gives it away.

It's a really good show - lots of great artists - a bunch of big name comic book guys are going to be there - as well as tv and movie stars...if you wanna shell out money to just get their pic or signature (which is kind of lame)...but they're there for that, if you want!

We're cramming into table R4.  It should be delightful.

There might be too much fan art out there - but by looking at the image above, you might see that I've embraced it.  And am enjoying my versions of these famous characters.

What a fork! Happy Pantry

i posted this 4 years ago today!  That's how long we've been doing Happy Pantry drawings.  It's still a lot of fun...I'm happy we've found something we like doing that others seem to like as well.

I was channeling a little bit of myself in this drawing.  Which is weird because I don't wear bow ties, nor pocket protectors...and I would get new glasses instead of taping them together.

Who would tape their glasses together?

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Indibanana Jones making the rounds!

We've got our Indibanana Jones plushes in stock and one of our first supporters picked one up at Designer Con last year.  He recently posted this picture:

"Indibanana Jones Stunt Spectacular" - words and photo by Billy629 on Instagram

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Happy Pantry Hot stuff

Don't get yourself a swelled head, there's always someone hotter than you.  Just be happy that you make someone's mouth tingle.  Just not everyone's.  But only because that'd be gross.  Or, at least, unrealistic.
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