Thursday, September 22, 2016

I'm working on Spongebob...!

I've been working on Spongebob since not for that long.  I did a lot of freelance at first, and have transitioned into full time in March.

This is one of the first props I designed for the show.  It's fantastic to see something that I designed painted and composited into an episode of one of the most iconic and popular shows ever.

It starts as a simple drawing in a storyboard and then goes to a designer (in this case, me) and is designed and cleaned up in the style of the show.  Then it goes to paint (which used to be ink and paint, but they started making the designers clean up their own work a few years back on most shows), and all of it is sent overseas to be animated.

The second picture is because I was drawing Plankton, and thought how much he looked like Mike Wazowski from Monsters I drew them together...
And finally, just because I happened to have it - here's a storyboard vs fully designed prop.  Look for it in episode 958!  Whichever one that'll recognize it because of all the bulletin boards...

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