Friday, July 20, 2012

IF: Carry

This week's Illustration Friday Theme was Carry.  I thought a good way to tweak the topic would be to do a drawing of the Stephen King horror movie Carrie.

I did two versions.  This first one is the pg-13 version.

This is the R rated one:

Lotzi: All three in the series

And this is all three in the series together:

Lotzi doesn't hear any evil, speak any evil, or see any evil...unless he wants to.  He reserves the right.

Lotzi: Speak no Evil

This is the third and last in the series:

Lotzi doesn't speak any evil...unless you talk about his mother, then he might have some choice words for you...

This was my original drawing of Lotzi: Speak no Evil - but it looked too much like he was surprised or horrified...and I really had to stretch his little arm to come up to his mouth, so I redrew it where he was looking down and could hold his mouth closed more comfortably.

Lotzi: Hear no Evil

This is the second illustration in the series:

Lotzi doesn't hear evil because he's too busy listening to Weezer (but only their songs from the 90s).

I adapted the pose from the illustration on 'Lotzi: See no Evil"

Monday, July 16, 2012

Lotzi: See no evil

I thought of this the other day and thought I could do a series of drawings of just Lotzi - with no real bg or anything to distract from him.  And possibly do it as a way to showcase some of Lotzi's character.

First up is See No Evil:

I don't see no doggone evil!

As you can tell, Lotzi is very passionate about his senses...or is it his lack of sense?

This is also the look my wife gave me when I tried to suggest we go to Comic-con this year...

This was originally drawn in Photoshop:

 I cleaned up the lines in Adobe Illustrator (where I adjusted the horn and solidified the lines) and painted it in Photoshop.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Lotzi: Off Model surprise

I liked the idea of this drawing - as a companion piece to the previous post where Lotzi is about to draw on a piece of paper...the only problem with this one is how off model Lotzi is. So please ignore this post and move on to the next one.
I just thought he looked cute enough that I should post it.  Especially how he's slightly up on his toes...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lotzi: Piece of Paper

The best thing about drawing is that you start with a blank piece of paper (or, these days, a blank screen on your cintiq) and you can do whatever you want with it.

It all depends on one's education and experience as to what comes out...

Anyway - this is my most recent illustration:

That's how I hold my pencil (only, with my left hand)

Friday, July 06, 2012

Lotzi: the big fight

Six should have been proud of Seven because he was a hero.

This was drawn and painted in Adobe Photoshop.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Microstock Report for June 2012

Here's the microstock report for June, 2012:

It was a best month ever for 123rf!  After about two years on this site (which is the same as most of the other sites) we're still getting downloads...which amounted to $36.64 - and it snuck past BigStockPhoto on the lifetime earnings (the chart above doesn't reflect this because I already saved the jpg before I switched them around.

Shutterstock still remains the only site to consistently earn above $100 every month.  We've also been on this site for over two years and there's only been one month that we didn't meet the payout amount (which is a hundred).  It's crazy to have the same images on every site (mostly) and somehow Shutterstock outpaces everyone else - even if they combined their totals! 

I didn't have time to add any new stock images this month, but it still kept pace with the previous month...we'll see if July brings us any more time to create new illustrations...
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