Monday, September 12, 2016

Long Beach Comic Con is coming! Table R4

My friend Tim and I are going to be sharing a table for our second year in a row at the Long Beach Comic Con - September 17th and 18th.  It's in Long Beach.  The name kind of gives it away.

It's a really good show - lots of great artists - a bunch of big name comic book guys are going to be there - as well as tv and movie stars...if you wanna shell out money to just get their pic or signature (which is kind of lame)...but they're there for that, if you want!

We're cramming into table R4.  It should be delightful.

There might be too much fan art out there - but by looking at the image above, you might see that I've embraced it.  And am enjoying my versions of these famous characters.

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