Thursday, January 29, 2015

Happy Pantry: Novel Tea

Oh wordplay.  Novel Tea.  Enjoy.

Hot tea is one of the best things you can imbibe.  We prefer black tea.  We're so very snobby about our tea, but, and I'm speaking for myself, I can only drink it with milk/cream and sugar.  If you're giving it to me straight, I'd prefer not to.

Without milk and sugar, tea is just dirty water.  It tastes like leaves.  You might as well be drinking out of the toilet.  Only tea without milk and sugar is not as tasty…and slightly less sanitary.

Okay - none of that is scientifically proven.  I think most people can, empirically, believe that tea all by itself will taste better than most things coming out of the toilet.

But I just wanted to state the case for black tea with milk and sugar.  Because it's the best.

Most green teas are too earthy and don't always mix well with milk.  White teas don't taste like much…it's so weak and doesn't feel like it stands up for itself - and nobody likes a loser.  And don't get me started with herbal teas and weirdo not tea teas that they call tea.  Those are terrible and taste like medicine and people only drink that because they don't love their tongues or themselves.

Black tea.  Drink it.

Oh yeah - and read something fun with your tea.  That way you'll enjoy drinking and reading that much more.  What a novel idea.

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