Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Here's Johnny...5!

Here's Johnny 5!

I thought, "Here's Johnny" and thought of the iconic scene from the Shining (that not so good movie from the 70s starring Jack Nickolson, directed by the sorta hack Stanley Kubrick)…and then I thought Johnny 5 - so I had to put them together.

So this is what I wasted this last weekend on.  Enjoy.  Or don't look at it.  Or whatever.  It's here.  It made me laugh.

Jack's character wasn't even named Johnny - so it was a reference to the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson - it was how he was introduced…but now it's been so long since that was a thing.  There haven't even been any sidekicks going, "HEY-OH!" - would anyone under 30 even know about Ed Mcmahon?

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