Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy Pantry: Apples with guests…in them!

 the only thing worse than finding a worm in your apple, is finding half a worm…!

I did the top apple about a year ago - it fits in our cute kawaii brand, Happy Pantry.  Well, they both fit in the brand - but we're more about cute characters with simple lines and design.  You can check out more at or like us on

Every once in a while I want to get a little more painterly, so I took the apple and redid it with a little more shadowing and texture.  It still needs to maintain it's cuteness….and the second apple doesn't have any hidden surprises.

Have you ever found a special surprise in your fruit (or vegetables)?  It's gross when you come upon something like that, but nauseating when you uncover it with a bite…I've never bitten into a bug - I've always found them when slicing fruit open…but I'm waiting for my time….because it happens when you least expect it.

There was one time, in Paris, where we had these fresh amazing salads.  I scarfed mine down, but then we watched as these little tiny green bugs started crawling out of Tracey's salad onto the plate and make their escape.  The salads were a little too fresh…and maybe a little unwashed.  That put her off her meal - but I liked the salad so much I ended up eating hers as well…even with the threat of tiny green bugs.

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