Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Happy Pantry: cupcake merchandise!

How exciting is it to make products that people are happy to receive?  This is even better than sending Unibomber packages…I don't think anyone was happy about that.  But getting Happy Pantry stuff for your birthday?  It's just the best….if I do say so myself.

Someone sent us this picture of their Ms. Cupcake Happy Pantry merchandise.  Glad they liked it!

You can get yours at www.happy-pantry.com and like us at www.facebook.com/happypantry

We were at LA Cookie Con this last sunday (a special blog devoted to that will follow shortly) - and everyone called our Plush a stuffed animal.  I've done that in the past too, but I've conditioned myself to saying, "Plush"…because that's the term, right?  Others have said Plushie - but those are probably also the same people who say totes adorbs.  And those people aren't right in the head.

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