Thursday, March 03, 2016

My Alien of a toy

I designed this to be an alien creature who just ate a cute animal.  I wanted to make a whole series of them when I suddenly found that a movie called Aliens vs Monsters was coming out and they had a blob creature in it...and even in the promo that blob had something floating inside itself - it was a chair or something, but it was enough to make me change my entire concept.

As it is - I designed two different aliens - this is the first of them:

I didn't know how the toy would actually work.  I thought maybe there could be a seam under the lip of the eye, where you could lift it up and actually pull out the little dog who was lying on a shelf inside the blob.  Or it could just be a see through blob and you could never really get at the cute dead animal inside (or sleeping animal, if dead animals offend you).

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