Thursday, March 17, 2016

What if the Doctor was a girl?

Before Peter Capaldi came aboard and showed us what a sour old man the Doctor could be, there were rumors about all sorts of directions and shapes the show could move toward.  Some said the Doctor could be American (which has already been done, and it was terrible).  Some said the Doctor could be a man of color - which could be interesting.  And a big rumor was that the Doctor could be a girl.  That didn't end up happening, but the Master came back as a woman.  And she's quite good!

So that got me thinking - what if the doctor was a girl.  And not what if the next one was who's it or what's her nose, but what if the fellas that already played the Doctor were ladies.

And that's where this series of drawings is from - I'm starting with Tom Baker, the 4th doctor and arguably the most popular one until the series revamped a few years ago...

I started this drawing Christmas of 2014, and am just finishing it - so we'll see how quickly this series goes...

Here's a closeup of the Dalek!

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