Thursday, December 04, 2008

Home sweet Hell...!

I thought that title as I was uploading the picture. Very lame, I know.

The house occurred to me earlier today and I was annoyed that I didn't have any time to draw it. Since then the picture faded a bit...the idea ended up being very cold...barely in my head anymore. But I had a sliver of an idea...and I wanted to do a quick sketch of it. I'd say it didn't turn out exactly like I wanted it to - it's not terribly scary. But it conveys the anger in the style I was working with. I was getting annoyed as I worked on it though because I like putting in details - and doing it in this style made it very hard to include any sort of detail.

Basically the sketch ended up turning into a painting (in photoshop, of course). I really liked what I was doing (the painting, not necessarily the subject matter)...and I was missing how, when one paints with acrylics, it's more about layering colors than blending (there's blending, of course, but I learned it more as a layering process). Somehow I ended up with a grassy green lawn, when it should have been ugly and dirty and weeded. But I liked the way the texture turned I went with it.

Anyhow - it was as fun little drawing...sadly, since I was doing it as a sketch, it was done at 72 dpi - meaning that it'll die here as a blog entry and nothing more...


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