Sunday, December 21, 2008

IF: Voices - Adelia and the balloon

So...I have this character (Adelia). This is a scene from the first book ( far). I was just sketching and it came out well enough that I had to finish it up.


The character expresses all of her emotion and feelings nonverbally. Her voice comes from her body language and eye (her nose is big and upturned, which always obstructs the other side of her face, even in three quarter view).

I'm currently working towards building up a bunch of Adelia illustrations in order to put together a portfolio. My goal is to either set a meeting with publishers, editors or art directors.


This is the second piece where I picked out all my colors ahead of time in Illustrator and then transported the whole thing into Photoshop (ctrl-c in illustrator and then ctrl-v in photoshop).

Once again I colored it in photoshop where I set the brush at 30% opacity and the flow at 100% (which is the opposite of how I usually, or used, to color it - with the opacity at 100% and the flow at 1%. That's right, one). I think either way is a good way to color...I end up getting enough texture in the piece both ways...And so far, I've enjoyed working the piece both ways.



enigma said...

i like the sketch one better, because it's simple...

Roberta said...

I like it Isaac... it's more painterly than your other stuff...I like the bit of texture too

Good luck with Adelia..and Happy holidays!

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