Friday, December 12, 2008

IF: Rambunctious

Illustration Friday once again. Shame on you if you're not participating! You could do like I'm going to this week and post two old illustrations. Now they're not drawings I've posted before on my blog, so I feel like it still counts. And they're in two different styles.

The first is this - a Rambunctious limo ride to the big awards ceremony:


I did this illustration for a board game for The Josephson Institute. They're a nonprofit company devoted to helping kids in an education and fun way. If you're terribly interested, you can view more illustrations from this game and many other things at my portfolio site.

The second picture is this: A Rambunctious car party


This was also a freelance project that I did for Astrella Celeste. She's the daughter of the folk rock legend Donavan. Ms Celeste was creating a project that would combine reality television with charity - in hopes that it would make a lot of money for a variety of needy charities. The part of the project I was working on was a children's book of sorts - her team wanted to use this in the pitching of the project...Basically the story followed these two cars as they interacted with the different steps that the project entailed. This picture is the big party at the end of it all when they celebrate all the hard work finally paying off.


theartofpuro said...

even if they are old illo,they are very nice

Lynne Chapman said...

Although the people in the top one might be considered rambunctious, it's the 2nd illustration that really captures the mood of the topic. I love the idea of rambunctious cars!

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