Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I need a name for this thing!

What does one call their toy line, or line of drawings? I could just go with the art of Isaac Marzioli...but that's kind of lame. My first thought for my blog was 'blah blah blog' - but the only reason I had that in my head was because it's a game they play on the Adam Carolla show.

Back in the beginning this blog was dedicated to the penguin pictures I was either drawing or painting - it was a simpler time. I had a name - the boring penguin blog. It sounded terrific to me. I loved penguins (still do) and I know everyone else was getting sick of hearing about them and seeing me draw only that one subject.


There was quite a lull in the production of penguin drawings - and what took it's place was my freelance work. From there I started developing as an artist, and what I was drawing started to vary.


At one point I was thinking of doing a t-shirt line or some form of merchandise - and i drew this picture:


It seemed perfect - and it was a bit of cute (which is what I draw) with a bit of macabre (which is the twist to my cute drawings).

So eventually I changed the name of my blog to Zombie Baby Pictures...but it seems to be lacking. Doesn't it? What I'm afraid of is that people see zombie and will automatically assume it has to have zombies in it. Fleshy decay and brains being eaten. But I was trying to be figurative with the use of zombie.

Anyway - If someone happens to read this - and can think of a word or phrase or something that would sum up my art or a possible toy line based on my drawings, then feel free to share it. I'm working on a couple of ideas, but nothing really screams out at me like Zombie Baby Pictures...or the boring penguin blog...

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