Thursday, December 11, 2008

Adelia: Happy Christmas in watercolor

This was originally going to just be a watercolor piece - but I got to posting the photoshop version first.


I've always drawn this character in very simple poses doing very simple things. And I think it works perfect for her.

I've also started my watercolor paintings a different way. I used to do a sketch and then scan it into the computer (as opposed to the refrigerator, which usually resulted in a salad) where'd I'd clean it up in Illustrator and then print it out again. I'd take some graphite and rub it on the back (in order to transfer the drawing to the watercolor paper). Then I'd tape it down to the watercolor block I was using and trace the lines. Because of the graphite on the back, you could see all the ones I traced on the watercolor paper. I'd then darken in all my lines and erase when needed.

Most recently though (on this Adelia and on the two blob monsters) I've been drawing my roughs in light blue pencil on the watercolor paper and then, using an electric eraser, erasing the blue line as much as possible - And when I used the graphite pencil (.9 mm), it hides all the blue lines...and whatever the graphite doesn't cover, I can always erase.

Anyhow - it makes for quite an easy start to the painting...because when you want to paint - you should be able to paint - the less time fiddling with lines and computers, the better!

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