Thursday, July 01, 2010

Microstock report for June, 2010

Shutterstock was the winner, once again - it was a nice month with another EL (a $28 dollar sale) helping to pull June above last month's total.  It looks like we added a bunch of images (a lot of them were variations on older designs), but we really didn't pay that much attention to the stock sites for the last couple of we've been busy with other projects.  It's nice to see them still getting downloads.

Istockphoto almost beat last month's BME (best month ever)...but lost by a buck and a half.  It's still a great site and as we add more images it produces more sales.  Baseball caps and candy - those are my two images (I illustrated the caps, my wife Tracey drew the candy) that are selling the most (each with over $100 worth of sales each lifetime on the site).

Dreamstime was third.  I had the second most downloads on this site ever, but yet half the total from the month while the site has a lot of action, it's for subscription downloads (35 cents) and not as many credit downloads.

Bigstockphoto was back to it's disappointing self...once again failing to break 10 dollars for the month.  The previous month had an EL, which is why it was so high - but with as many new images as I put on Shutterstock, it's rather annoying that nothing is picking up here.

And then there's the rest - I forgot to put them in order of earnings (like I usually do) - and Fotolia came through in a way that it hasn't since spring of last year - but it cleared 20 dollars!  And Vectorstock almost matched last month's BME for that site...and nice to see that while downloads are slow (it's still one of the smaller sites), they are growing.

Stockxpert closed in February, but all the images have been moved over to Thinkstock - only I can't access that site and all the earnings are reported on my stockxpert page.  Strange how they went about that - and unfortunate considering Stockxpert was my 4th highest earner and now Thinkstock brings in about $5 a month...Another thing that's annoying is that they record the previous month's earnings only once.  Every other site updates daily...but Stockxpert/Thinkstock do it once a month.

Crestock is definitely a site worth avoiding.  I've been having a hard time uploading images for the last three or four months (which is why the number stays at 99)...and the sales have suffered since the beginning of the year.  Last month I had zero sales...and this month only 2, which amounted to .50 cents.  But it's a site I'm going to start ignoring.

And finally - I also joined Veer last month because they were running a promotion where they'd pay you for every image they I uploaded about 60 illustrations and have half accepted and the other half still pending...So I made some sort of cash from the ones they approved, but the site doesn't seem to be very user friendly so it's difficult to figure out.  None of the files has yet to be downloaded, so it doesn't really matter's a new site (for me) and we'll see how it goes.

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