Friday, July 02, 2010

dirigible prop

If you work in animation - at some point or other (unless you're one of those jerks who's really really good at networking) you'll have to take a test for another position you want.  Whether it's color stylist (character and prop color), storyboards, revisionist, cleanup, character or prop design - there's a test for each position.

This is a dirigible that I recently did for a test...before this I hadn't even heard of the word before - but apparently it's a giant balloon...some people would call it a blimp - but, I guess, dirigible sounds more I drew a dirigible (not a blimp).

On a show where there's cg elements - the artist has to do the drawing from several angles so the cg modeler can build it easier in Maya.  So the test was to draw a dirigible, draw the same one from several views and also include sketches rough sketches of other dirigibles to show your thought process.

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