Thursday, July 08, 2010

IF: Giant Piano

I've been working on this throughout the week and didn't finish until the last day of the current topic on Illustration Friday.

It's a cute little Panda playing on a giant piano.

here are a couple of thumbnails I did to rough out this piece:

This is the final version:

I showed the piece to my illustration crit group and they suggested a couple of minor changes.


Sally Taylor said...

Very cute. I love your little cube bodied characters.

pete said...

Awesome work, Isaac!

Doodle Isle said...

The panda is just tooo CUTE!

Alessandra Fusi said...

♥ Love it! Love it! Love it! ♥
He's so cute, and I adore those colours! :)

PS: I answered to your comments on my blog...It made me so happy!! :D

FrankenBarry said...

Cool concept, awesome illustration!

Funny sms said...

Soooo cute..Awesome blog you have introduced.

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