Monday, July 05, 2010

IF: Giant leap of imagination

I decided to do a tonal study type of drawing based on this little thumbnail drawing I did:

I thought it would be a cute, but more importantly, easy illustration to finish.  And the next thing I know the weekend is gone and I just finished.  I think the problem was that since I did it in the computer (photoshop) I was able to noodle as much detail as I wanted to - and instead of just doing a straight silhouette, I ended up wanting to put some detail in the plane and characters.

Anyway - this is how it turned out:

Here's a slight revision (I changed the clouds and added highlights):


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely beautiful! I love the different blue shades in this illo! Great illo :D

Nina Mata said...

oh how beautiful!! so monochromatic but if you use your GIANT imagination you can see the colors oh so vividly :)

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