Thursday, June 17, 2010

Give a shark a hand.

So everyone knows just how tasty shark fins are...but it seems kinda rude to grab a shark and yank off a couple of fins and throw him back...the idea was batted around to improve the sharks with bionic parts...and that's how the 6 million dollar shark was born.

Sadly, after a promising pilot and speculation of a season pickup...all the smart studios passed on the bionic shark idea...because it was stupid.

But that left sharks flopping around on the bottom of the ocean floor.  So a new idea came to some people who had a surplus of puppies.

And since nothing is cuter than a three legged dog, it just made sense to do a bit of creative chopping and give those extra limbs to the sharks.  So while it's hard for them to be scary predators, they can at least doggy paddle over to a boat to beg for scraps...

The only thing that sucks is that after I finished this (horrible) drawing I realized that it was probably the back fin thing, not the swimmy fins that people are eating in soups and as jerky. 

Anyhow - viola - shark doggy paddle.

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