Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A series of 3

I got a frame that had 3 panels in it and wanted to do a piece that was actually three different pictures of penguins. I did thumbnails, cleaned up, and painted these three.

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King Penguins in three panels
I did like how each one turned out - if I did this again (which I probably will...because I don't like how the backgrounds differ so much from piece to piece...I'd like that to be uniform...as much as possible...) I'd probably do the backgrounds all at the same time before I did the penguins.
The middle painting was the last one I did - and I did it on this brand new hot pressed watercolor paper that I just bought. There was just such a difference between the papers! That led to the paint laying down different (cold pressed watercolor paper has more of a tooth to it...which just means that it's a rougher paper - hot pressed paper is quite smooth...but this means that the hot pressed doesn't hold the water as long because there's less paper there to hold it...so it dries quicker)...and the color ended up being very different - even though I used the same colors in the same order on each painting. So - if nothing else, it was a learning experience that if you're going to do a series, don't switch paper types right in the middle.
I also decided I'd like to do the same series with a yellow gradient behind them instead of the blue. This next one is the first in that series (I'm still working the background, and I'll post that when I'm completely done).
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King penguins in yellow
But because of this one I thought it might be better to do a series of with 3 panels - but one being a yellow painting, a flat graphic image, and then a blue painting...it'll probably end up looking something like this:
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King Penguins
Anyway - that's all I have for now...I'm going to be working on the Frankenpenguin painting for the next couple of days...and I'll post that when I'm done...

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