Friday, September 29, 2006

Adelie Penguin...

So I've decided that it'd be cool to do a series of penguins in three brackets...I previously had done profiles of penguins...but they seemed to be missing something - I really like the way these look - so I'm going to continue doing them. I have the illustrator cleanup of a little blue penguin (it's also called the fairy penguin...but I prefer little blue penguin...) which is actually the smallest kind of penguin...but that's what's coming soon. As of right now I have the penguin painted and I'm going to finish the background when I'm done typing this blog. This is the Adelie penguin. I really liked how the gradient worked on this one - instead of using the small brush to wet the entire area, I used a large flat brush to lay water down faster (which meant that when I applied the watercolor, it spread more evenly).
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Adelie Penguin

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