Friday, September 15, 2006

Penguins: the beginning...

I'm currently on a haitus from work (which means I was laid off and I'm too lazy to look for other employment...and too proud for that matter - I figure if I wait long enough they'll come crawling to me!)

Anyway - on my time off I'm trying to devote a lot of time to painting and drawing. I've currently got a couple of ideas in my head - but this is what I've put down to paper so far...

And...I the time goes by I'll expand to include everything I've done - and not just that's very one dimensional and even though that IS me, it's not the me I want to convey to all the strangers out there in Blog land...if nothing else, I want those jerks to think I'm cool...

This piece I've actually done several times - I wanted to paint me some penguins - but do the composition in a different, or at least interesting way - so this was one of my first experiments with that:
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I did this quick study with black, white, and brown charcoal pencils...
From there I went on to paint it - I did it twice - once with a yellow background ( and the second one (which I prefer...which is why I just link the other one, and don't actually include it here) with a bluish/purple background.
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This was a watercolor (using Dr Martin's concentrated water color) done on coldpress watercolor paper

And that's all I got for now...if anyone thinks anything I do sucks - please leave your loser comments to yourself. But seriously - if you think I can improve...please tell me why so I can correct any shortcomings and end up a millionaire all because of your free advice! Thanks in advance!

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