Monday, November 09, 2009

Rock out with your ---- out...

I've never understood that saying. I guess it rhymes with doesn't sound like what one would be doing if they really were rocking out. It's more the stuff of sickos and perverts...but everyone has their own passions, so if this one is yours, at least make sure the women and kids are at a safe distance before you start whipping it about.

Anyway - this is for a client - they wanted a rough color drawing to go with a pitch. I can't talk about what the project is, so as to maintain the integrity of the idea. It does kind of blur the line between reality, exaggeration and cartoon.


It was kind of strange working so rough...and a bit hard using a wacom to trace line art in photoshop (I'm used to doing it in Illustrator, or at work on a cintiq)...but while there was a lot of ctrl-z action, I did manage...

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