Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Falling with style

I don't know why I keep drawing this character falling...

I did this quick sketch about two weeks ago and I really liked how it looked...the angle and looked quite nice. And I guess he's diving rather than falling...but it amounts to the same. I should probably do both drawings because they sort of relate. He could be hanging out in the park with friends, and thinking about doing such dangerous and fun things...while the actual skydiving could be a dream sequence. Or something.

This is the quick cleanup of the above drawing:

The way I usually work is that I do a thumbnail (or, at least, a really small drawing) in my sketchbook and then scan it in and do a rough cleanup in Adobe Illustrator. I print that out and make revisions, rescan it and re-clean it up (and sometimes, if it's still not looking right, I"ll print it out a second time and have another go with revisions)...and then I color the hell out of it in Photoshop. Anyway - I'm still at the beginning stage of this illustration....

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