Monday, November 02, 2009

Microstock report for October 2009


This is the microstock report for October of 2009.

This month was quite once again I didn't have much time for microstock, but yet we still did quite well. The total for all of our companies was $345.70.

Shutterstock once again leads the list. We made just under a dollar more than last month, and only uploaded 3 files (none of which were downloaded). What's nice is that we have had 7 people sign up as our referral, but this month was the first time that one of those referrals was accepted and started making money on Shutterstock.

Second on the list was Istockphoto once again. It's been a pretty good second place...and the only reason it's not doing better is that we don't have more files uploaded. This month was the first time on Istockphoto that we got an EL (an extended license) which is a $28 download.

The rest of the sites weren't terribly good or bad. Fotolia continues to disappoint from where it was when we started used to be our third best earner and now it's falling below both Stockxpert and BigStockphoto. The biggest disappointment this month was 123rf. We had 13 dollars last month and then only a single subscription download this month...that resulted in only 35 cents...just terrible. I'm hoping it turns around this next month...but we'll see...maybe the 13 dollars was an anomaly...?

All in all it's been pretty good. The top three sites (Shutterstock, Istockphoto, and Dreamstime) are pretty consistant...and while it's hit or miss for the rest of the sites, they all continue to make money and it's been in the $300 range for the last few months...which isn't bad because my regular job at Nickelodeon has kept me from really focusing on any stock it's nice to still be making money without spending any time on them whatsoever...

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