Monday, March 23, 2009

IF: Subtract

So you might have seen this picture before:


I've been posting quite a lot lately about how I'm uploading to a lot of microstock companies (such as Shutterstock)...on a site called Dreamstime they hold contests every month. The prize is almost inconsequential because a photograph will always win it - so sucks to be an illustrator on that site - but your image immediately gets bumped up to the top tier of image price (whereas you would usually have to sell about a hundred copies of it to get there)...and your image gets a lot of attention (it's my second highest viewed illustration on that site)...


The contest subject was "Play" for the month. I didn't really want to create a new image, but I was thinking of putting this on my microstock accounts anyway...I really like these little 'pillow' looking creatures, but I still don't know what to do with them - I don't have a children's book story with them in mind, and while I want to draw more of them, they don't have a marketable home. So I thought I'd put them up for the contest (you have to give dreamstime exclusive use of the image for a full year). However, I didn't want to tie up Adelia into something...especially didn't want to sell her image for so cheap - so I had to subtract her from the image and recreate it without her.

It's easy enough in photoshop - I still have my original vector lines attached to the psd file, so I just deleted Adelia's color, and then her lines and used the stamp tool to recolor in all the parts that she was originally in.

I didn't win the contest...but I thought this was a good introduction to that site - and I'm going to continue to compete - but I'll start submitting new images...and probably vector stuff...

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