Friday, March 27, 2009

IF: Poise - tight rope walker...


When I saw that this week's subject was Poise - my very first thought was the poise a tight rope walker goes through. There's currently a documentary about a guy, back in the 70s, who tight rope walked across the twin towers. Could you imagine being that New York...with all that wind and would take a lot of concentration and poise to make it across. Anyway - that doc is in my netflix que and this drawing is on my docket to be worked on.

I did that original sketch in photoshop - it's very rough because I used a wacom to draw (it's much easier on a cintiq)...then I copied and pasted it into illustrator and did a quick cleanup of it - I'm going to print it out and revise it and rework it a little bit...but I like how it turned out...


It's not finished yet - but it's a start.
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