Monday, March 16, 2009

IF: Legendary

So I was on a hike with a couple of friends yesterday and we got to talking about shutterstock - because that's all I talk about these days. But while talking the subject turned to what to put up. I told him that he had a bunch of photographs of lips - but the photos he took were of a really cool nature (I won't give away his technique) - but that got lips in my head. And with St. Patrick's Day just a little ways away (tuesday, I think) I had 'kiss me, I'm irish' that had to be expressed.

Now when you do the 'kiss me, i'm irish' nonsense, it usually is accompanied by lips - so I wanted to do a set of big luscious lips. Because what else says that you need kissing other than big ol' pucker lips. And when you think about big ol' lips, you're probably thinking of Angelina Jolie - she of the legendarily large lips. With that in mind, I drew these lips in Illustrator (using the pencil tool...that way I could have some very irregular lines...and could get to it easily).

What I have here are two pictures that I uploaded this morning to Shutterstock, and they've already been I just have to wait until they get put in the system and we'll see if there's any downloading...


Anyhow - Shutterstock is terrific for making extra cash with your illustrations (or photos, if you're one of those jerks)...
Click here to start your own magical journey with Shutterstock
...or don't...if you don't like having fun...

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Rui Sousa said...

Fantastic, a really lovely work, very powerful! congratulations and regards!

Rui Sousa

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