Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Sandman: from Marvel's Spiderman

I would assume this is the most popular version of the Sandman. While the Sandman from DC/Vertigo Comics is quite the cult fave, Spiderman's long time nemesis stands out as the most iconic. The Marvel Comics Sandman was invented in the 60s to menace Spiderman (and in classic Stan Lee fashion, each hero or villain's name described their ability).

Originally I was just going to draw this version of the Sandman. I went online because I wanted to be sure about his costume - for some reason, a green striped shirt...he also had striped hair (but I don't understand I didn't draw my version that way). While online I discovered the other two versions of the Sandman, so I had to draw all three. They all come from different times in the comic book history and all represent a different interpretation of what a character called Sandman would be.


And now on to other characters...I think my couple will be Pinocchio and Peter Pan. Hopefully I'll have those out this next week some time...

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