Sunday, May 09, 2010

IF: Fearlessly facing down Bees

I always figured that if you didn't have many brain cells that you'd be okay with doing something like batting at a bee hive.  Everyone likes honey, but there's better ways to get some.

Now I've already posted a version of this - but that was my original thumbnail and illustrator cleanup.  Next in my process I print out the illustration (I either turn all the black lines into grey or make them 30% transparent which has the same effect) and then go back over it with my blue pencil.  I like this step because I always do very little detail to start with, and every time I attack the same illustration I add things to it, so the final one doesn't look so bad.  I just scanned this image and redid the clean-up in Adobe Illustrator:

And here's a close-up of the little dog character...


Katherine said...

Thanks for sharing your process. That's one of my favourite things about artists' blogs but not enough artists do it. Cheers!

Kimberland said...

I love it! Nice work!! :)

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