Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baseball time!

I did this illustration for Dreamstime and their monthly contest where photographers and illustrators compete for the best image.  The prizes are $300, $200, and $100 (for first, second and third, of course).  I went with a more painterly look with this one - usually i do an art piece in Adobe Illustrator (color and all) but decided to try a different approach.  This was a sketch that I did in Photoshop, then printed out and revised and then scanned back in and colored (in photoshop) directly on the scanned image.  It added a bunch of texture that I normally would have to fabricate myself.

I really like how the kid turned out, but I'm not so keen on the dad behind him.  I think there should have been more interaction between the two or something.  But I'm trying to stretch as an illustrator and draw more than just weirdly shaped animals and kids.  Gotta add some adults into the old portfolio...

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