Friday, May 21, 2010

IF: Early Dog gets the honey

I've been working on this illustration for a couple of weeks now - originally I had walked across a bridge swarming with bees.  It just so happened to coincide with Illustration Friday's "Fearless" topic.  That got me to doodle my little dog character swatting at a bee hive - which, to me, is pretty fearless.  The next week (if you follow Illustration Friday as avidly as I do...which means, once a week...) then you saw that the topic was "equipment" and that almost made me cloth the dog character in a full bee farmer outfit (are they called bee farmers?).  Anyhow - this week's topic of early led me to the title of this piece:

The Early Dog Gets the Honey...

or stung.  It really could be that the early dog just gets stung.  Bees suck.


Holly said...

Very cute, my own dog used to get stung regularly but never learned to stay away from bees. Your dog is cuter though ^-^

Tammie said...

oh my, careful little one.
I loved reading your process, I can see how a piece has endless possibilities!

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