Friday, May 07, 2010

IF: Fearless

This drawing appealed to me as Bees are a weakness of mine.  So while I was waiting for someone to show up for lunch I drew a quick thumbnail of this:

And then cleaned it up.

I now have to revise it (I just printed it out) and re-clean it up.  And then it's on to color.  Hopefully I'll have it done soon enough to post this week while Fearless is still the topic of Illustration Friday!


Jack Foster said...

Hey Isaac! Can't wait to see the colorized version. This is great! Gotta love that tongue :o)

chocolategirl64 said...

it's so good to see your processes:
how do you 'clean it up'?
tell tell:

Pásztohy Lili said...

manga? will it be colored?

Ana said...

That's cute :)

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