Monday, April 06, 2009

IF: talisman

This might have been more suited for the IF last week - Subtract...because what else do you do with beer, but subtract it from the glass?


I also did a bit of subtracting (took away the glass) to make an abstract beer background:

I wasn't going to post this into Illustration Friday - because what I'm annoyed with most on that site are people who post in without having it relate to the topic. And then I came up with Beer is the Talisman of the masses.

And boom. It works. And to all those who might try and disagree, too bad! It's perfect!

I did these images last night for Shutterstock...I'm excited to see if they sell at all.

Speaking of Talisman...I don't know if anyone else played that game when they were growing up?

I was introduced to it when I was about 11. I loved the game so much - it was just like Dungeons and Dragons...only less nerdy and Talisman WAS a board game (and not a make it up as you go along nerdfest).


I got all the expansions to Talisman (original expansion, The Adventure, The dungeon, the horrible Timescape, and Talisman City)...except for the Dragon expansion set which came out in 1993. I don't know why I didn't get it, I just know that when I finally decided to check it out, it was no longer available for purchase.

What happened is they revised the whole game and changed the art (for the worst, in my opinion)...all the characters went from scruffy looking cool art to bubbly cartoons. I never bothered to get the new edition.

Just this last year, however, they revamped the game one more time. The art wasn't as bad as the last edition - it still had a cruddy children's cartoon look, but it wasn't as bright and gaudy and distasteful. I still didn't buy this version, but my brother in law did. What's nice is that the new version went back to the rules of the good edition of the game.

So that's what I think - when I think of talisman. Besides beer, that is...


Horatio said...

Sell the expansions off for bank, man! I think even the original board might be worth something...

MattHurst said...

Is it alright to modify and use your beer image as a backgorund for my twitter page? I would be glad to give credit for the work, as I really like your approach. You can check how I would like to use it at, or contact me through to let me know please.

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