Sunday, April 12, 2009

IF: Fleeting...

When I saw the word this week was Fleeting - my first take on it was a fleet of ships or trucks or something of that sort. What I had drawn recently was a fleet (a rather small fleet) of tie fighters (those are from Star Wars).

But that's lame.

Today is Easter - and I fully expected to sleep in. But the cat likes to wake us up around 6:30 am to remind us to feed him. And when I fed and watered the cat, I went back to bed only to find that I couldn't sleep. Cats suck. They don't celebrate Easter.

But since I was up I decided to do some illustrations for Shutterstock.

If you didn't notice - these are variations of the same drawing. I drew this map way back when I started Shutterstock, but those drawings didn't sell too well. But I always wanted to redraw it (with better color) and see if I couldn't get these to sell.

The problem with Shutterstock, is that success (in the form of downloads) is fleeting. Some images start with tens of downloads the first day, but as each day passes it makes less and less until it completely disappears. But by continuing to upload new image one can maintain relevance and continue success. It's a neverending cycle (unless you don't wanna do it, then it ends pretty quickly).

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Diane said...

these are terrific. I liked your use of the theme fleeting...

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