Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy Pantry: Ice Cream for I Scream...

Wait...that should be reversed.  Actually - while it sounds clever...it really isn't.  Nobody really screams for ice cream.  Unless it's on the ground.  Then you're screaming for another helping.

It's a sad waste of ice cream.

But that's not dignified.  And anyway, you should be more careful!  There's no excuse to lose your ice cream scoop to the floor.  You're smarter than the ground, aren't you?

Let's hope the answer is yes.  Otherwise, you get in there and fight for your ice cream...take it back from the floor!  5 second rule!  And who cares about a little dirt and hair.  It all gets mixed up and cleansed in your mouth.

Now this is ice cream what IS ice cream!

One of my favorite flavors is Mint Chocolate Chip.  It's only the best.

Tracey likes Strawberry Ice Cream.  So we created one of those as well...

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