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LA Cookie Con 2015 - Happy Pantry

At the end of January, we were a part of LA Cookie Con.  It was the first annual one, and it was so successful it was demanded they do another!  There wasn't a question about it.

We were thrilled to participate and overwhelmed with the response of positivity (as well as purchases) we received!

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It was crazy how many people were there.  Thirteen Apples offered candied apples and had a line that got so long they had to open a secure door whereupon the line went down and wrapped around the block.  It was about 45 minutes to make one's own custom candy apple, but it was worth it!  They were so good!

 photo courtesy: Nina Z on Yelp

We debuted our Ms Cupcake Plush at LA Cookie con and promptly sold out.  It was horrible turning people away - one lady said her daughter was going to kill her because they had decided to check out the rest of the convention before coming back...and it was too late. Rest in Peace lady....whom, I believe was being figurative.


We had a special giveaway for certain VIP's who attended the event.  Kris from Umami Holiday was one such VIP - she has a great food blog - don't go there on an empty stomach - and she was nice enough to take a picture of our little swag bag.

Several people took pictures of our booth:
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photo courtesy: by Broc James and Emily Rojas

We were in LA Weekly!  We had a lot of eyeballs on our brand.  And speaking of celebrities, which we weren't...

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Nikki Hahn, an actress who's starred on American Horror Story, Nickelodeon and Disney shows as well as guest appearances on a bunch of other things and she's a fan of our Ms Cupcake!

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Olivia and Aubrey are starring in an Amazon Prime show called Just Add Magic.  They are incredibly nice and very well spoken young ladies! Their show was developed by our friends Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco (who I worked at Nickelodeon on Fairly Odd Parents and Tuff Puppy with).  We took three pictures with them, and they decided to post the only one where I'm posing like a jerk.
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These are our Happy Pantry bottle cap necklaces.  They're adorable.  But that's what we do with Happy Pantry...make things so adorable that your eyes want to break into a smile.

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Ominous cupcake!

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We had a lot of nice reaction to our "No coffee, no talky!" print.  It's something a lot of people could relate to.  Tracey was the inspiration for the coffee face...
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photo courtesy: Jenn Ho
Some people, like Jenn Ho, were nice enough to include pictures of our merchandise in their instagram feeds!

There are a lot more photos floating around the internet...but that's all for now from LA Cookie Con.  We can't wait for the next one!

If so inclined, you can buy our Happy Pantry stuff on our website:

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